First Look: Tony Malouf's BSD 'Beverage' Frame

A famous quotation loosely attributed to Mark Twain states, "Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over", can span meaning across generations. Since the ages of Mark Twain and the American frontier the importance of libations has captivated both young and old, all the while water takes a back seat in the minds of most... Yet, when we go to a bar and order whiskey it's often paired with water, either to help with an upcoming hangover or to just smooth over the rough after tastes of cheap liquor.

However in this case of Tony Malouf and his new signature BSD 'Beverage' frame, whiskey has taken the back seat to the recently released 'Water' color way... This frame is a spin off of his past Jameson color way of green and burgundy, with a refreshing raw clear coat appearance mimicking H2o in all its life giving Dartisean glory!