BSD - In the Streets of Norcal Photo Gallery

The mystery of where the team name 'BSD' is derived from and what it stands for is a legendary fact that only a select few are privileged enough to know and the team won't divulge the info even with the most enticing incentives!? That little unknown fact creates this type of illusion to BSD and their team, a tightly knit secrecy, if you will... It was an honor to be able to work with these guys and take a hefty 10 day long road trip in the van throughout spots in San Francisco and San Jose and anywhere in between! This trip didn't get me any closer to knowing what BSD means but it definitely gave me the ability to get closer to knowing some of the best riders out today.

Hitting the road with Alex Donnachie, Liam Zingbergs, David Grant, Nick Castillo and Dan Paley with Dave Sowerby behind the lens was nothing short of a great time. Riding bikes and seeing the city sights with an amazing crew is something that won't ever get old, check out the photos and video below to get a closer look at the whole story.