The Jeff Wescott Interview

Throughout the past 8 months or so I have been undertaking a lot of projects while working for DIG, and I have to say working alongside Jeff Wescott has been one of the highlights of this journey so far. Jeff and I have been traveling together to new places we haven't been to before, as well as working together in our own separate hometowns. The ideas we have seem to flow together seamlessly and what more could you ask for? In fact I hadn't even met Jeff before this interview idea spawned around the time of Texas Toast in 2014 and getting to know Jeff well enough to work with him through a project like this was definitely a make or break type of deal. But, if you know Jeff, then you know he is one awesome person and always has a smile on his face ready to take on the day. He's conscientious of his overall health and that approach can be seen through his signature products. With his new 'COMB' line from Mutiny, he embraces the characteristics of the honey comb, from strength and durability, to the color choice of the frame. Welcome to the Jeff Wescott interview.