Freestyle Forever - The Lahsaan Kobza Interview

In today's BMX world there is an increasingly rare breed of riders that make it to 'pro level' via roots that are based in BMX racing. You may be surprised to learn that Lahsaan Kobza is one of that rare breed and pretty much a seasoned BMX veteran at the ripe young age of 23. He began riding when he was only 8 years old and began racing one year later in 1999. Lahsaan continued to race up until 2008 during which time he branched out into 'freestyle' and found a new love for riding street. Growing up in Nebraska wasn't the best for expanding his riding talents but between there San Diego, California and his current residence of Phoenix Arizona, he has been able to rise to the position that he wouldn't even have imagined when first clipped-in back at the starting gate all those years ago. Lahsaan presents a solid example of what can come your way from longevity in BMX through determination and a good spirit. There's no doubt Mr. Kobza will continue to grow as a rider and pump out more great bike riding with a smile.